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Yieldwatch provides a one-stop interface that allows you to monitor your asset exposure and interest payments from several leading DeFi apps on Binance Smart Chain. will: Display the sum of your deposits across DeFi platforms Display the net yield across those platforms

Current Crypto DeFi Yield Farming Rankings | CoinMarketCap Today's Crypto Yield Farming Rankings The total locked value of liquidity pools in yield farming projects is $5,231,073,393.02 The Capital Conference Re-Watch All Keynotes & Panels Time to Ship CoinMarketCap Conference Recap Crypto Espresso SOL Offline Again & BTC Mining Down Learn & Earn!

The DeFi dashboard is an app that lets you track your investment on different blockchain DApps from a central dashboard. This helps you monitor your profit/loss, investments in liquidity mining programs, and lending and borrowing records. You can also track NFTs through them.

DeBank DeBank is a dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio, with data and analytics for decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms and DEXes. 11 DeepDAO DeepDAO is a platform that collects and organizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative data about DAOs 0 DefiLlama

Yield Tracking for Beefy Finance on Polygon, BSC, AVAX, Fantom, Cronos, Harmony, Arbitrum, MoonRiver and more!

This protocol tracks ETH DeFi Token Liquidity pools. You can monitor and search through the pools using filters such as value, market share, and even set your own categories. The main draw to DeFi Pulse is its simple interface. This window removes the technical barriers associated with DeFi investing.

Your gateway to Decentralized Finance | Manage assets across blockchains, generate returns from cryptocurrencies, access the best token swap rates and more

Track DeFi's trusted lending tools: Curve, AAVE, Yearn, etc. across AVAX, BNB, ETH, FTM, and POLY. Deploy Our Multi-Chain Data How Teams Use Yield Monitor For Developers & Teams One single call offers limitless chain data. Oracle solutions sometimes offer partial, incomplete data to builders. This hurts UX and keeps products from scaling.

Track your Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance incl. Impermanent Loss (IL) on Binance Smart Chain with a sleek and casual UI. Track your Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance on Binance Smart Chain. Login PRO Disconnect. More infos about PRO access. Binance Smart Chain ...

What it is: Depositing (usually) two tokens that allow other people to trade those tokens. You are "market-making" because you supply both tokens and facilitate exchanges from token A for token B and conversely. Traders pay fees (0.01% - 1%) and all fees are shared proportionally among all liquidity providers.

DeFi Yield

The process of DeFi and yield farming generally consists of several transactions. In the following sections we will break down these different transaction types. Some DeFi transactions do not have any direct nor ancillary tax guidance. In these situations, we will present various tax positions you can take based on your risk tolerance.

DEFIYIELD is the first DeFi dashboard to support Cardano protocols for Yield Farming, Tokens, to NFT's and much more. We are committed to growing the DeFi community and onboarding as many people as possible, so they can reap the benefits of the Finance 3.0 revolution.

Dexfolio aims to address this lag in technology with its user-friendly app specifically designed for defi assets, making it easy to track yield farming rewards and stay up-to-date with market trends. With one-tap features for various metrics, it offers a better user experience than many of the current market offerings.

It allows you to track your full portfolio through more than 200 DeFi protocols on 7 chains (Ethereum, BSC, xDAI, Polygon, Fantom, OKEx, HECO) and 2 more to come (Solana, Arbitrum). Besides tracking, you can also use their app to swap tokens and explore protocols with in-depth data. Pros

Unicrypt. Unicrypt is another DeFi tool that has helped secure the network in new ways. Unicrypt is a locking mechanism that allows new projects to build investor confidence in their goals and pools. This token launch and liquidity lock mechanism has seen considerable growth over the last six months because it reduces the risk of exit scams.

This app can keep track of more than 50+ DeFi protocols including Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve, Yearn.Finance, Balancer, Aave, Compound, Bancor, 1inch, Badger, KeeperDAO and many others. The only downside is that it lacks support for tracking on other blockchains outside of Ethereum.

The growth in the DeFi space has been nothing less phenomenal, as statistics indicate that the total value locked in DeFi touched a record $274 billion across multiple blockchains in 2021 from the lows of just above $1 billion in May 2020. These stats point to DeFi's massive traction and potential.

How DEFIYIELD users are warned about DeFi risks. Essentially, the dashboard alerts users to DeFi risks by reviewing the list of contracts that have been approved by the user's wallet. This is important because, in order to use a Dapp, users need to allow the smart contracts of the Dapp to transfer the user's tokens.

Yearn Yield Farming EXAMPLE 1: DeFi Global Stats Arguably the easiest to remember formula to get DeFi data in Cryptosheets is CoinGecko's API endpoint fittingly named "defi". Load your Google or...

Yield Watch acts as the go-to DeFi Dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending and liquidity pool performance. Moreover, the tool lets you see all your LP staked in different AMM's with corresponding APYs and potential impermanent losses, among other things at one glance and is also mobile-friendly.

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In theory, a high APY acts as a countermeasure to the aforementioned risks. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the APY, the riskier (and newer) the pool. Low APYs might cause some farmers to thumb their nose but certain investors value stability above all else. For them, a single asset pool with 20% paid in a stablecoin or top five ...

DeFi farming is one of the most exciting aspects of DeFi and crypto, in general, that has led to massive adoption in a very short amount of time. The DeFi space is now a $40 billion market. The main factor behind this exponential rise is yield farming. While it has its risks, the rewards that it offers can be very alluring.

With yield farming, users are able to earn passive income without buying or selling their assets. This is similar to how banks offer you an interest rate for keeping your money in your savings account (albeit a meager 0.5%). They are able to generate this yield because they, in turn, lend it to someone else at a higher rate.

Help With DeFi Yield Farming Spreadsheet. Hello everyone, I'm applying for a job as a crypto researcher and I have been given the task of creating a spreadsheet which can measure the yield farming results across 3 different DeFi solutions. I've used cryptosheets to get the data I need for Yearn.

This DeFi tool also shows all staking rewards, their current market price, and the available LP tokens. 12. APY.Vision. APY.Vision aims to be your go-to analytics and monitoring tool for liquidity pool providers and yield farmers. All DeFi investors need to carefully track all the services used and investments to be able to make a profit.

Tap "choose coin" and select DeFi Yield Protocol. Input the amount of ETH you'd like to exchange for DeFi Yield Protocol. Remember to leave enough for transaction fees. Confirm your purchase and follow the instructions on the screen to finalize. If you're using Coinbase Wallet extension, tap the "Convert" button.

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